Sound Design


So.. To Sound Designing.... Before it... Have you visited the blogsite? Do you know that the registration form to join us will only be available for 12 days? It closes by Jan 25th, 2019 and with it, the chance to be a part of the first crew ever of BusyBissy Animation Studios. Put yourself together and figure this out fast. Go to the blog today: .
Back to our twelfth and last skill review.
Well to get more details about this concept, all you have to do is type 'editing sound or sound editing' on google and you should have more information variety than we can possibly post here, so we would stick to the fact that you would check it out and then how this works with us.
WHAT?: For us, a Sound Editor goes beyond just mixing the music, voices and sounds (though they do all that too) but also supporting the team by syncing where necessary with the 3D elements others put together as the project progresses, so this person actually interacts with 3D tools! Music makers, DJs, Sound editors are prime for this.
WHO?: Though not everyone can handle sound designing but a lot can if they understand sounds, moods and timing. Anyone from 16 years to 60 years and beyond can learn sound designing and work with us!
HOW?: What we now do is train you to know the technicalities of 3D sound designing and you can then bring to the auditory sense, what your team members are trying to say. See how important you are?
If you visit the blogsite you will find details about duration, fees etc for sound designing. Send us a message if you have questions.
Well, we have rounded off on our SAM-VCT-LR-3²-S² skill classifications breakdowns to help you picture where you can fit in and hope that it helps.
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