Well to get more details about these concept, all you have to do is type 'storyboarding' on google and you would have more information variety than we can possibly post here, so we would stick to the fact that you would check it out and then how this works with us.

A Storyboarder must know how to sketch and draw, so natural and trained fine artist would be great for this.

Anyone can storyboard really, I mean have you seen 5 years olds with superman sketch drawings? But for a job like ours anyone from 16 years to 60 years and beyond can learn and work with us!

What we now do is train you to do this 2D drawings digitally and interact with the 3D work environment which traditionally a fine artist may know nothing about.
For nearly every project to be carried out, you are the pacesetter, who helps everyone else get a clear picture of where the project is going.. You see how important you are? In addition, we teach you animatics, I.e getting your drawing to move and give even better details on your storyboard.
If you visit the blogsite you will find details about duration, fees etc for storyboarding. Send us a message if you have questions.
Tomorrow, we talk about 'A' in our SAM-VCT-LR-3²-S² skill classifications. See you then and yeah... Like our page right away to get prompts immediately we post in.