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About Us


We are currently, made up of a small knit of unique, creative Nigerians whose interest is not just in using animated computer graphics for regular, known and comfortable uses but breaking the boundaries and going a number of steps further, hopefully motivating other creatives to leap their bounds and stretch, even more than we could possibly do.
You will see this reflected in the kind of value offerings we present under our different channels of expressions.

We are open to collaboration, sharing and serving. Like someone said, ideas may be copied but visions are personal. We don't mind competition, and, in its midst, we like to prove our worth!

So if you would like us to create something for you, anything at all. Give this a click>> here <<.

If you would like to join our team from anywhere in the world, >>here is your button <<.
If you would like to be trained by us and either work with us or not, join KATA or BBAA. They both are our expressions.

We are physically located in Ondo State, Nigeria with virtual location in more places than one. Using any of our social media connections or sites all leads back to us. 

This project is started by a Nigerian woman fondly called Bissy who seem to be always busy, aren't all computer gigs? Hence, the name.

She is easy to meet if you plug in to one of our offerings.
So, there it is. The story is begun, the adrenaline is being prepped to rise. Be ready.